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about Gemco, what we think about our work and what motivates us ... (2015) 

Between GEMCO Engineers and Knight Wendling we have a worldwide network of over 150 foundry experts. We have completed over 1200 cast metal projects for clients worldwide, of which more than 100 foundry realizations. Find out more ...  



GEMCO Cast Metal Technology is a group of independent metal casting experts who provide complete foundry solutions for iron, steel, aluminum, all ferrous and non-ferrous castable metals and all foundry processes. HPDC, LPDC, No Bake, Gravity Casting, Investment Casting, Lost Foam, Core Package ...

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We have engineered, managed and realized foundry projects worldwide. Clients can be found among international key-players in the (captive) automotive industry, heavy machinery, mining, hydraulics & valves, railway, wind energy, marine, infrastructure and all other business sectors

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