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ith more than 40 years of experience in foundry engineering and foundry realization projects, it is both fun and rewarding, to every now and then, look back at the early days and early projects. On this page we share some of these moments with you.

We also share bits of history and excerpts that illustrate the spirit in which GEMCO was founded by Jan van Gemert. Times have changed; the world has "got smaller" because we travel so easily, distance is no longer an obstacle to keep communication going. We have grown, but we still maintain the original spirit and values to this day, that's what we stand for.

From the book by Jan van Gemert, “The first thirty years”: first project in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in 1979. The foundry made spare parts for the local market and had a capacity of 100T of foundry products per year... In comparison: the last project in which Jan was involved, was for 75,000T per year.

The local press made news of the economic effects of the new factory.

Gemco's international character is no coincidence. It started with looking for opportunities to combine, curiosity and eagerness to discover and get to know the world, with work and exciting but good projects.

Start of the "journey of discovery" took the company to Africa, among other destinations. Fond memories are kept of the early years. (incl. English translation)


Every successfully completed project is a milestone, and every milestone strengthens our foundation ... we continue to gain knowledge and build experience and innovate by staying curious and getting better, that's what we do it for, every day

Here's just a handful of our milestones over the first 25 years, from our newsletter in 2003 


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