COMING SOON: put it on your calendar

We were disappointed when we learned that 2022 Formstoff Forum would not take place at all and was moved to 2023. Then Euroguss was postponed. What would be next?

However, it now looks like we are on our way back to normal with a few big events coming up this spring. There is CastExpo in April, “Deutscher Gießereitag 2022” in May, Euroguss in June and a few more events and congresses in between. Plenty occasions to look forward to. To see each other, meet, speak, plan and chart the future of our industry.

So check our events page regularly and find out where to find us. 

In the mean time check out some of the stories that appeared online and in the several magazines over the last year. Read about Scania zero CO2 "new foundry" in Sweden. Read about how we can help you to significantly reduce waste sand in your foundry. You will find more interesting articles on our editorials page.



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