We have teams of highly qualified experts with proven track records in management and engineering positions. Their expertise covers a wide range of functions in the cast metal industry, from general management, through procurement, foundry design, project management and casting quality improvement. Multinational teams can be assembled from our various offices.

Our focus is totally on enabling our clients to meet their objectives. Whether for new (greenfield) foundries, an expansion, modernization or installation of a single equipment project in your existing foundries, we can help you with Project Management or Turn-Key Contracting of your project. This will allow you to concentrate on your core activity: producing castings...





Gemco_Birdview (courtesy GF) New to build foundry_PME Project China

Gemco_As Built_PME Project China

Gemco_Expansion_PME Project China



Project Management

We can take full responsibility for all project engineering and management activities  for your foundry project. Conceptual engineering and detailed design will be carried out based on your basic design data and in close cooperation with your staff to ensure that your requirements are met.

After the engineering stage we manage and control all activities required for a succesful implemenation of the project, including:

  • project engineering
  • procurement
  • manufacturing if required
  • expediting & shipment
  • testing & installation
  • commisioning & start-up 
  • co-ordination of tasks
  • monitoring on TIME
  • monitoring on BUDGET
  • administration of documents


Turn-Key Contracting

We can also take overall responsibility for a Turn-Key Realization of your project, including utilities, civil works and building requirements with the following guarantees:

  • Product Quality & Output Performance
  • On Time
  • Fixed Costs

We can draw upon substantial international experience, accumulated on a wide range of projects across the world, by employing and making use of local resources and working with local sub-contractors and suppliers. 

We are aware that our clients must focus on quality, productivity and costs. Our whole philosopy is directed at providing customized foundry solutions

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