a selection of bronzes; our way to remember and express our appreciation for the close cooperations and partnerships we built during your foundry projects




for foundry realization with planta 1 at RASSINI FRENOS



to celebrate the first cast in LPDC Foundry for BBA in Shenyang, China



congratulations to ATLANTIS FOUNDRIES



on the close cooperation for the new foundry realization in Santa Catrina, NL, Mexico



our very best wishes to WHQ and thank you for the cooperation








MFA, Railway Materials, France



Georg Fischer Automotive, Kunshan, China



BEHRINGER, foundry realization



Brembo, DÄ…browa Górnicza, Poland (2006)



for SAINT-GOBAIN, Ma Anshan, China



Handtmann, Germany, Lost Foam Foundry






Buderus Guss GmbH, Breidenbach, Germany



Weslin (now Wescast), Oroszlány, Hungary






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